After graduating from West Babylon High School in 1973, Mitchell Bellucci traveled to Nebraska for higher education and received a medical degree from University of Nebraska College of Medicine. Moving back to the East Coast to practice medicine as an obstetrician gynecologist, he did his residency training at Women & Infants Hospital in Rhode Island. Then he established Women’s Healthcare in Milford, MA in 1988.

Dr. Bellucci made his mark in advancing women’s health care. During his 33 years in private practice, he helped over 10,000 patients and delivered over 3,500 babies. He patented a device that tests for fetal stress and helps to protect nurses from exposure to contaminants during delivery. Dr. Bellucci is always looking for ways to help women throughout their life. When women reach the age of 50, their estrogen drops and he realized that bone density is an important component to women’s health. The Milford Regional Medical Center didn’t have a bone density unit at the time so he helped create one and taught primary care doctors the value of testing for it. He also helped develop the CO2 Surgical Laser that is designed to treat pre-cancerous conditions.

As part of the Milford community, he created a public access show called “Pasta Playoffs” which showcased another of his passions: cooking. The premise of the show is that numerous “grandmas” compete against him in making a pasta sauce. The final dishes were then judged by three randomly chosen clients at a local restaurant. To see the first episode, click: In addition, he gave back to the senior community. He helped a friend finance a therapy dog, Charlie, for a local nursing home. He would bring Charlie to two Alzheimer units in the area to meet and greet with the groups and conduct weekly music therapy classes for the residents.

After creating the Pasta Playoffs series of videos, he volunteered at the Italian-American Veterans Club Post 40. After just two months, he wanted to tell their stories. He created a local cable access show called “I.T.A.M. Vets, Local Heroes.” (I.T.A.M. stands for Italian-American Veterans.) In this documentary, he interviewed five local residents who represented a different part of WW II, from the attack on Pearl Harbor, to the storming of Normandy, to the Battle of the Bulge, to Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped. For more details, click:

Dr. Bellucci retired last summer after 40 years of providing quality medical care. He thanks teachers who really listened and helped: Mr. Simpson, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Burke, and Superintendent Mr. Wilensky.