Erica Crespi graduated from West Babylon High School in 1988 then attended Lehigh University on an academic scholarship and graduated with a dual major in journalism and biology. After Lehigh, Erica continued her education by earning a fellowship at Wake Forest University to receive her Masters Degree, and followed that by attending the University of Virginia where she was granted another fellowship along with other grants to earn her PhD in Biology. She went on to further her research, winning a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan.

Erica is currently employed at Vassar College as an assistant professor of Biology. While at Vassar, she has received several grants including National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health grants. Vassar had not been known as a research institution, but due to Erica’s efforts of earning sizeable grants, the school has opened up a new direction. The Vassar Alumni Bulletin will be doing an article on Erica regarding her bringing a new dimension to the College. Erica is well recognized both nationally and internationally, as one of the foremost authorities in her field. As a teacher, researcher, speaker and writer Erica is leaving her mark on society.