In the early years of the hamlet of West Babylon, there was no formally organized fire department. Firefighting was conducted by impromptu groups when the need arose. In 1947, the West Babylon Fire Department was officially formed, and Ellison Driscoll was named the first Chief of the Department. In 1949, the West Babylon Fire District was formed, and property was purchased to build two fire stations – one on Arnold Avenue and another on Herzel Boulevard. A 500-gallon pumper and a ladder truck were purchased, and the West Babylon Fire Department was equipped to begin protecting the West Babylon community. An ambulance was later purchased, and a Rescue squad was formed in the mid-1950s.

During the 1950s, the majority of fires were brush and woods fires. By the 1960s, woodlands had been replaced by residential houses, and the typical fire became a house fire. By the 1970s, the growth of housing and shopping centers south of the railroad made a third fire house necessary, which was located on Great East Neck Road. The Department has responded to many memorable events since 1947, including the Woolworth’s fire in 1966, the West Babylon High School fire of 1982, the Our Lady of Grace Church rectory fire of 1993, the South Bay School fire in 2010 and Super Storm Sandy in 2012. In 1949, the West Babylon Fire Department responded to 73 calls. In 2022, the Department responded to 3,767 calls, with over 75% of those calls being Rescue calls. The members of the West Babylon Fire Department are proud community residents who have been dedicated to serving their community for over 76 years.

We are honored to be included in the West Babylon Alumni Hall of Fame.