Hall of Fame and Awards

Since 2009, the West Babylon Alumni Foundation has recognized the exceptional achievements of West Babylon Graduates who have made significant contributions to their profession or society and non-graduates who have made contributions to the betterment of the West Babylon School District and community.

Each year we host an event to honor these individuals who are inducted into the Hall of Fame or are recipients of the Board of Director Awards.

Hall of Fame Nominations Open

We are currently accepting applications for the Hall of Fame. Please download and submit the attached application.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

Award Ceremonies

2022 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Hall of Fame Induction and Board of Directors Awards ceremony was held on January 14, 2022. Scroll down for a video of the event. Board of Directors’ Award Charles Volpe 2021 Hall…

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2019 Hall of Fame Induction Dinner

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2018 Hall of Fame Induction Dinner

Hall of Fame Inductees and Board of Director Award Recipients

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William A. Miller
William A. Miller
Class of  2002
William A. Miller was born and raised in West Babylon. From JFK to WBSH, he walked these halls with his brothers and sister. Billy obtained a BS in History Education at SUNY Albany, supporting himself along the way in the restaurant industry, a field he was familiar with from the…
Jeffery  Mintz (posthumously)
Jeffery Mintz (posthumously)
Class of  1975
CLASS OF 1975 Jeffery was born and raised in West Babylon. He graduated in 1975, one of three brothers who attended and graduated from the West Babylon Senior High. During his high school years, he was involved in a number of activities, including: Student Government (S.A.); and Human Relations which…
Mary Myers Bruckenstein
Mary Myers Bruckenstein
Class of  1963
Mary, the oldest of 6 children of Stuart and Elizabeth Myers, attended all West Babylon Schools and graduated in 1963. After graduation, she completed the Nursing program at King’s County Hospital and worked as well as taught at the Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation. In 1968, Mary joined the Peace Corps…
Eileen  Naughton Roberto
Eileen Naughton Roberto
Class of  1970
Eileen Roberto graduated from West Babylon High School in 1970. While raising her three children, she attended evening college and earned her RN degree in 1982. Eileen’s passion for improving end-of- life care began as a staff nurse on the oncology unit at Good Samaritan Hospital. She became a clinical…
Mel  Noble
Mel Noble
Mel Noble was selected to become the West Babylon Junior High School Principal in 1983 while completing his fifth year as assistant principal at Carmel’s George Fischer Middle School in Putnam County, NY. From 1967-1978, he taught and held various administrative roles at Eleanor Roosevelt Junior High School in Manhattan,…
Laurie  O’Gara
Laurie O’Gara
Class of  1971
After graduation in 1971, Laurie took off for California with her boyfriend John. There she fell in love with silversmithing and brazing jewelry and small sculpture. In 1972 she moved to Cincinnati and went to work for General Electric. She certified as a turbine specialist in specialized metals and was…
Jerry Owenburg
Class of  1969
Jerry Owenburg moved to West Babylon in 1954 at age 4. He went through West Babylon Schools and played all sports in school with football being his passion He was in the Marching band where in 1967 he met wife. She was a Majorette in the band and he was…
Helmer Petersen (posthumously)
From the early 1940’s to the early 1970’s (when he passed away), Helmer Petersen was the educational leader of the West Babylon Schools. He held the position known then as District Principal and later as Superintendent of Schools. During this entire period, he was also a resident in the school…
Dr. Christopher Proto
Dr. Christopher Proto
Class of  1972
Dr. Christopher Proto is a total West Babylon School District product. He attended Santapogue Elementary School from 1960–66, then attended the West Babylon JHS before graduating in 1972, from West Babylon High School, where he also served as yearbook editor. After graduation, Chris attended Fordham University and graduated with a…
Jonathan  Reese
Jonathan Reese
Class of  1986
Jon Reese is a 1986 graduate of West Babylon High School where he was involved in many school activities. Jon was an outstanding athlete and was named team MVP in lacrosse, football and basketball. He was named to Newsday‟s All Long Island Football Team and a two time All State…
Benedict  Reyes
Benedict Reyes
Class of  1964
High School and graduated in 1964 from the West Babylon Senior High School. At WB, he was well loved by fellow students and teachers alike. Ben was a standout athlete participating in Track and Field and wrestling, but it was football where he truly excelled. He was an outstanding player…
Michael J. Rizzo
Michael J. Rizzo
Class of  1967
Michael Rizzo, born in Brooklyn, moved to West Babylon in 1958 when he was ten years old. He attended the Main School, West Babylon Junior High and graduated in 1967 from West Babylon Senior High School. Michael was always very patriotic and loves his country. He was, and still is,…
Dr. Vito J. Rizzo
Dr. Vito J. Rizzo
Class of  1974
Vito J. Rizzo, DPM, graduated from West Babylon Senior High in 1974. He attended SUNY @ Buffalo and graduated there in 1978 with a degree in Biology. He then attended the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, graduating from there in 1982. His career as a Podiatrist has spanned almost…
Shannon Marie  Romanchuk  Saturno (posthumously)
Shannon Marie Romanchuk Saturno (posthumously)
Class of  2001
Shannon Marie Romanchuk Saturno spent all her primary school years in West Babylon. In high school, Shannon served as class president all four years, served as a student ambassador representing West Babylon on two overseas trips, and graduated with high honors. Early on Shannon was a cheerleader for the West…
Mark Scheinberg
Mark Scheinberg
Class of  1974
Mark Scheinberg is recognized nationally as an advocate for the underrepresented and a ground-breaking educational innovator. With his 1981 acquisition of the Data Institute, a small Hartford business school, he embarked on a journey that would reimagine higher education and change the futures of countless students. Discovering that many of…
Richard Scheinberg
Richard Scheinberg
Class of  1971
Richard Scheinberg received his high school diploma from West Babylon High School in 1971; his undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology in 1975 from the State University at New Paltz; and his master’s degree in social work in 1981 from Adelphi University in Garden City. He is currently a Licensed…
H. Austin Sheldon, Jr.  (posthumously)
H. Austin Sheldon, Jr. (posthumously)
H. Austin Sheldon Jr. relocated to West Babylon from Albany in the early 1940’s with his wife Peggy and daughter Ann. He was an insurance safety inspector assigned to the New York area for Utica Mutual. In 1946, their family was complete when his son H. Austin Sheldon III was…
Kimberly Skillen
Kimberly Skillen
Class of  1990
Kim Skillen is an experienced educator with 25 years of service. She has worked as a SS teacher, chairperson, Associate Principal, and District Administrator. Currently, she is the Deputy Superintendent at North Babylon Schools. Kim’s passion is making a positive impact on students’ lives and has been instrumental in the…
Judy Skillen
Judy Skillen
Judy Skillen attended West Babylon Schools and received her BS in Elementary Education from SUNY Oswego, MS in Special Education from Syracuse University and MS in Education in Administration from L.I. University at C.W. Post. She served as chairperson of the West Babylon Schools Special Education Dept. from 1982 –…
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith
Class of  2008
Shannon Smith graduated from West Babylon High School in 2008 where she was a varsity lacrosse six-time letter-winner and a member of the varsity lacrosse squad since 7th grade. Ms. Smith was one of the top scholastic lacrosse players to ever come out of LI as she had 729 points…