Honoring those who gave their lives

Kyra Duke is proud to be a member of the West Babylon Graduating Class of 2020.

When Kyra was 13 years old, she happened to visit the West Babylon High School with her mom. Upon entering the High School, Kyra immediately noticed a large bronze plaque in the lobby and stopped to read it. On it were the names of former West Babylon students who had gone on to the military, and lost their lives while serving our country. Before leaving the plaque, Kyra told her mother that she wanted to learn more about the former students. She wanted to see what they looked like. Later, Kyra would go on to say “They were West Babylon students just like me. They had friends and families who loved them, and goals for their futures”.

Kyra spent the summer between the 7th and 8th grades researching the names she had read on the plaque. She wrote letters to possible relatives of the men in search of photos and information about them.

After much research, Kyra made a large framed tribute to honor the nine men. The frames have a photo of each man, as well as information about them. She thought that everyone should know who they were and see their faces because they had sacrificed their lives for our country.

Kyra’s tribute was featured in Newsday and has been on display at the West Babylon High School, Town of Babylon Town Hall, the West Babylon Public Library and Sgt. John Sardiello, American Legion Post 1634 in West Babylon, where the tribute is now on permanent display.

Kyra Duke holds a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, and has achieved the rank of Instructor. She is now working toward her goal of becoming an Architect. Kyra would sincerely like to thank all the people in the West Babylon community who have helped and encouraged her over the years.

West Babylon Military Casualties 1952 – 2017

  • John Charles Parry – 22 years old – Class of 1948
  • John Thomas Smith – 20 years old – Class of 1965
  • Anthony Robert Signa – 20 years old – Class of 1966
  • Dennis James Kane – 19 years old – Class of 1967
  • John Charles Pape – 25 years old – Class of 1961
  • Robert Scott Mason, Jr. – 22 years old – Class of 1965
  • Salvatore Joseph Armato – 20 years old – Class of 1968
  • Richard James Hobbie – 37 years old – Class of 1968
  • Robert William DeFazio – 21 years old – Class of 2002

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